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Welcome to the World of Warcraft board!
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Hello Guest,

Welcome to the World of Warcraft board!

Back in 2010, Severity Gaming was formed just after @Delacour had quit playing World of Warcraft (#WotLKProblems). But shortly after SG got their (original) League of Legends community off the ground, WoW was a quick second. We started the first iteration of SG-WoW on US-Kel'Thuzad (Alliance) in November 2010 (Cataclysm) and ran it up until September 2016 (Legion). During this run we did both great and terribly, but were learned so much. After almost one year of break, there's some rattling going on in the community wanting to bring the family back together. So without further ado, it's with great pleasure that SG announces the return of World of Warcraft it's portfolio. We're back and at it again, and hopefully with a vengeance!

The purpose of this board is to serve as a home for our World of Warcraft community to collaborate and organize. As with all other boards on Severity Gaming, The Rules apply... Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Ooh... One last thing! If you capture any great moments while playing WoW, you can upload them to the World of Warcraft Gallery here.

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Hey Guys,

My name is Chris "Delacour" Schek, and I'm the current moderator of our PlayStation 4 boards. I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Applied Networking and Systems Administration. I started Severity Gaming during the summer of my Sophomore year and have been driving it ever since. My favorite game at the moment is Overwatch for PC, but I am also a long time World of Warcraft addict, and avid League of Legends support player. Feel free to hit up my forum profile for my handles. If you have any questions I'm almost always available on our Discord server.

Thanks for dropping in!

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