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SG Ops Report [May-July 2017]
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Sooooo the frequency of these things was supposed to be "one a month", but what's a little more accurate is "when my desktop isn't being dedicated to Ethereum mining" and "when my time isn't being chewed up otherwise." :( It's been a busy couple of months, sorry for the delay everyone! On the bright side, I finally have a dedicated ETH mining rig running!

Severity Gaming - Operations Report [March-April 2017]

We're really happy to say that community growth and development is tending well! Across the past few month's we've reconnected with quite a few members and it seems that people are still interested in what we're working towards. Without any formal recruitment or advertising we're up ~15 "Registered Users". This also translates into increased Discord usage which has made for some pretty fun nights. :) Since our last update we've started community development within game titles again, adding a dedicated ARK: Survival Evolved server and World of Warcraft back to the portfolio. Details on our ARK server can be found over at the ARK: Survival Evolved board. As for World of Warcraft, we have a board built out, but nothing regarding our Progression Raiding or PvP plans has been announced yet. (Stay Tuned!)

Our overall trend in the competitive space is still flat as our priorities are still centered around building out community services. We don't expect to have any meaningful updates until this winter.

We're still working on our *new* Applications Portal and haven't had the time to work out the role spec sheets yet. (CSS is a pain in the ass) If you're curious to see the progress you can check it out on our development site here. The current target is to have a release available before the end of the month (or at a minimum, some sort of temporary process to bring in the much needed help.)

We've had some great progress on the development front! As of right now our Application Portal is at ~60% done, with the remaining pieces being the administrative back end, and the actual integration with the SMF CustomForms mod. We've put together a new "dynamic banner" mod that recursively searched a database of mapped banners to automatically display images at the top of each board. (This mod is also pending an administrative back end.) Other improvements include updating some our graphical resources (new avatars!), layout, and functionality. In the coming weeks we're going to be doing a version check of the installed plugins and refresh as necessary. (We've already identified applicable updates for the Social Media Login bridge, and the core of TinyPortal.) Below is the updated list of our current priorities.

Current priorities:
  • Finish "Staff Applications Portal" extension of the Custom Forms Mod for SMF.
  • Finish SMFBanners plugin
  • Determine and define staff positions.
  • Populate "Staff Applications Portal".
  • Finish setting up the SMF Shop Mod. (So we can do GIVEAWAYS! :D)
  • Populate SMF Shop with all of the PAX East 2016/2017 SWAG we still have locked away.
  • Rebuild the "Stream Engine" (leveraging profile fields for Twitch ID's, UStream, etc. Read - less overhead).
  • Fix - [BUG][Website] - Navigation bar hover text not working properly.
  • Rebuild Community Content block from scratch (the thing that had the calendar, twitter, and recent posts)
  • Finish Friechat integration and Opt for Paid Version (We're taking Donations!)

"Hey, that feature you wanted... I finished it, just don't ask me how it works"

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