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Hello from PAX East - Day 2
« on: March 13, 2017, 03:02:24 AM »
Day 2 (Saturday) went off without a hitch. As soon as we arrived we grabbed lunch and caught up with some old SG members that were in attendance (Aliwicious, Motgnarom, Teddbybru). Apparently there's a Sam Adam's food court, and you can get food faster than most lines if you get a seat at the bar. Sadly no booze. :( On our way over I ran a killer Exploding Kittens advert.

After lunch @Belaide, @Frostfall, and I walked around and tried to get more headway on the PAX XP Scavenger hunt. Half way through we ran into Teddybru again and he joined our party. For some reason I didn't take any pictures of the actual scavenger hunt stuff, but I got shots while we were walking around. We ran into the cast of Mario Party hunting around for scavenger scanners.

We determined that we collectively sucked at the scavenger hunt and jumped to Reddit for a guide for the remaining scan locations. While walking to each point we took some selfies with the Discord Wumpus and I found an Overwatch Mercy cosplay that was worthy of me asking for a picture. My hero would never die! ;) Other notable moments on the journey was an Overwatch Cosplay meetup on the 2nd floor, and a group of Star Wars players getting a group pose in the lobby.

The rest of the day had us cruising around the Indie and Table Top areas looking for interesting games to demo. We ran into Left Shark which successfully coaxed us to visit their booth where I won an unlocked iPhone 6 64GB. #winning. That selfie with the paper mache shark is what did it! As it got closer to "Main" Expo close time we tried a Steam game named REDOUT which was pretty damn good. We also jumped in line to try the new Crash Bandicoot game; pretty solid. After that it was back to Table Top land where @Frostfall and @Belaide picked up some dice for their D&D campaigns.

Dice acquired we then retreated back to the hotel for some asian/thai takeout that took forever to be delivered :p

Day 3 thread and pictures will be added tomorrow!

Comment with feedback if you have any; We're always looking to improve!

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