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Hello from PAX East - Day 1
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Sorry for the delay in getting this out, this is the first time we're hosting media from our new media gallery and I had to rewrite some of it this morning so we could support HTTPS. Anyway, without further adue...

PAX East Day 1 -
Our trip started at 11:30pm Thursday night when the weather forecast for the North East predicted an obnoxious amount of snow during our planned commute. After a quick change of plans we were booked for a hotel that night in Dedham, MA. @Frostfall and I jumped in the car and picked up @Belaide and set off. We got to the first hotel at 3:30am-ish and immediately crashed. (Needless to say, the snow was nowhere near as bad as predicted.) We made it to the convention center around 10:30a and somehow unintentionally jumped a few hundred people standing in line, making it inside in record time!

Bethesda had the same corner they did last year and definitely caught the attention of most attendees as soon as they got off the escalator. Their showcase this year was a Morrowind remake and Quake Champions. Frostfall played Morrowind and thought it was "fucking awesome!"

Here are some other Day 1 shots from around the convention floor. Not a whole lot to say about them, I was just randomly snapping stuff I thought looked cool. :)

One of the highlights (and also biggest letdowns) of the weekend was the Swag Bag line. We walked over to the same location they distributed from last year and there was NO line. It was almost as if the people attending this year had no idea how this worked. #firsttimers We scored spots at the absolute front of the line and I got the FIRST swag bag of 2017! The contents were crap though. :( (Side note - We'll be using the new "Webstore" here on the SG site to do giveaways for all of the extra PAX swag we netted. Stay tuned.)

After acquiring a few Swag Bags we roamed around for the rest of the day and tried to complete the PAX XP scavenger hunt. While doing that I snagged a few other shots and found some Overwatch cosplayers out in front of the Blizzard store booth. (Mmmmm!) There was also an ON POINT Reinhardt cosplayer, dude was like 9ft up in the air!

Comment with feedback if you have any; We're always looking to improve!

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