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Goodbye PAX East - Day 3
« on: March 13, 2017, 10:21:35 PM »
Daylight Savings Time came and went on Sunday which threw our time tables off for the day. Three showers and packing up our MSi Battle Stations ran us right to checkout time. The drive towards South Station was a breeze as Boston is seemingly dead on Sundays, parking was readily available as well. Once we got inside we immediately hit up the Discord booth and picked up the enamel pins we missed out on the day before and then spent the rest of our time checking out the various vendors. After some last minute purchases we got back on the road.

Overall PAX East was a lot of fun this year and we'll more than likely do it again next year. Ideally we can turn it into an Official SG Gathering. The only thing that could have made this year better was the swag that exhibitors were giving out. In prior years they would give out things you could "see and touch", but this year everything was social media driven. "Post a selfie for an entry into a raffle", or "Scan this QR code and like our page to enter a random online drawing in the future". For the amount of money most visitors spend (we spent $275 each on tickets), the lack of real interaction and diminishing rewards killed it a bit. Eh, here's to hoping!

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