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Hello Everyone, and welcome to Severity Gaming!

My name is Chris "Delacour" Schek and I am the original owner and founder of this group. I started SG as a pet-project back in October of 2010 and throughout the course of its existence it's evolved into a personal obsession. The past 7+ years have definitely been filled with quite a few ups and downs for our group, but our goal has always remained the same. "To provide casual and competitive gamers with well-maintained web services, friendly communities, and worthwhile online gaming experiences."

Once upon a time... We had a staff of 22 dedicated and driven gamers, each bringing something to the table. We averaged almost 10,000 unique visitors a month. Our competitive and casual presence was seen in at least 15 different titles*. We had world ranking teams, and users that generated original content, blog articles, and even a podcast. We hosted and sponsored casual and competitive events. Hell... We were sponsored! So, what happened...? Sadly, the current character limit prevents me from going into the juicy details, and a good number of you have already heard or lived through the more important parts. So, I'm going to spare everyone and just tell you that it all boils down to "key man risk" and "a lack of forward progression". That is - Going from 22 to 1 tends to result in a severe reduction of what can be reasonably accomplished.

Anyway, this brings us to our next chapter; a relaunch based on 7+ years of learning what does and doesn't work. Instead of trying to deliver against too much from the start, we'll be taking an iterative approach. Our expectation is that we'll be releasing minimally viable products and services with the intention of refining them over time. This will allow us to achieve quicker time to market, and hopefully prevent stagnation. This also means we'll need a community that's willing to participate in shaping the group they are a part of.

Are you interested? If so, go ahead and register. Let's get to work!

*Not concurrently.
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