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LoL Team Builder
« on: July 20, 2012, 02:40:51 PM »
So I was creeping the web as I always do when I am not playing a game and just watching streams when Pro Teams are playing games. And I found this cool little deal with a Team Builder, and this team builder helps you learn the pro's and con's of each team comp. Its simply amazing to use because it puts somethings in prospective for you all to learn some more detailed information if you have trouble with team comps.

I just want to say give me PROPS on finding this for you!

As well I will give you guys a few other web pages that will help you during your rise on the rating lader because its kinda useful tool tips basically.

I am looking for another one that I seem to have lost since I know all the buff timers and call them when I jungle. Its best that each person that plays league know the camp timers because it could make or break your team during a game! Well I hope you enjoy!