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25 Nov 2015 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Another year, another Thanksgiving (america!).
Thanks everyone for being a part of the group, hope you enjoy the long weekend!
With less than 3 nights of real progression on the guy, SG-WoW was able to finish em up quite nicely. Tonight we saw multiple sub 10% attempts early on, this reinforced our confidence and allowed us to beat the "mental" portion of the encounter. Really happy to see continued momentum. And I'll apologize now for the actual kill video, our mechanical execution was next to perfect for all but the last 10 seconds. lol

Thanks again guys!
As I mentioned last week, we were on the verge of getting Mythic Iskar, and well... the group delivered quite well tonight! :) I'm pleased to say that we're now 8/13 mythic! Welcome to our new Blood Death Knight Necrosìs, and many thanks to Sìxsti for jumping in earlier than expected tonight.

Kill video will come after I collect footage from our other raiders. I'll tell ya, the ending, complete shit! kek
Hello SG! It's been awhile since SG-WoW has had some progression news to share with you all; but hey!, we've got some, so here we are. The past month has been a continuation of the struggle we've seen since early September (jobs/families/life/World of Warcraft dieing) but we feel that the group is finally starting to pick up again.

The group (~30% new) started this week with a relatively painless Tuesday, clearing heroic Mano and Archi and then everything up and through High Council on mythic. Wednesday was a bit more of a mind number, with more wipes than necessary on Gorefiend; but given the group composition, attendance for the day, and lack of synergy with new players, some wipes may be slightly more excusable. Wednesday put us back onto Socrethar the Eternal, and Thursday took him down. This brings SG to 7/13m completion. While Socrethar is considered one of the easiest encounters in the tier, it's still quite nice to see our players enjoy some progression! (given the recent bumps we've seen). Very good job to the team for knocking him out in short order, this week could bring us a Mythic Iskar kill. Stay tuned!

A few quick recognitions.
  • Welcome! to our new players, Betrayedtaco, Bruzes, Mangostyle, Judge, Tachikara, and Tresi.
  • Welcome Back! to our returning player Minfilia.
  • Thank You! to our standing reserve player Sìxsti. Sìx covered as tank this past Tues/Thurs and helped us achieve our Socrethar kill.

Severity Gaming: WoW - Mythic Socrethar Small | Large
It's been a long time in the making and SG's Meril has been losing his head trying to get things up and running, and more importantly trying to get people to play. We definitely have a few more kinks to work out, such as server auto updating (steam is limiting us), but today we announce the official opening of our ARK division.

Severity Gaming: ARK Survival Evolved
Severity Gaming owns and operates it's own ARK server. Aspects of the game are scaled in favor of those that have work/school/family/hobbies and don't have all day to commit to taming or farming, hopefully without making the game too easy. Our selling point is PvP weekends. The server switches to PvP automatically on Friday 8pm EST until the end of Sunday at midnight, then it returns to PvE for the rest of the week to allow players a bit of respite. We will also be making an effort to plan server events on weekdays to keep people entertained. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums, and the server's message of the day. Other plans include setting up some kind of standardized trading value for everything and also possibly set up a neutral zone for trading and crafting centralized on the map. We hope to raise a healthy and respectful server community that appeals to a mature audience that enjoys PvE and/or PvP aspects of the game.

Server Details (connect)
  • Server: "Severity Gaming: ARK (PvP Weekends)" Can be found on "Unofficial Server List"
  • Type: Unofficial Dedicated Server (hosted in Rochester, NY - USA)
  • Style: PvE Weekdays/PvP Weekends
  • Headliner Config Changes:
    • 1.5x Resource Gathering
    • 2x Taming Speed
    • 3x EXP Gain
    • 2.5x Baby Mature
    • 1/2 Night Cycle
    • PvE Flyer Carry Enabled
    • 3rd Person Enabled
    • PvP Gamma Disabled

Server Management
We have one server admin (Delacour) and one player admin (Meril). The server admin just manages the server infrastructure for us and doesn't actually play the game.

Quote from: Meril
I DO NOT like to cheat. I've lost my fair share of things to game bugs and stupidity and I sucked it up and lived with it. I am not santa claus; not for me, my tribe, or anyone else. Don't ask me to admin anything unless it is a legitimate game breaking problem like the server deleted your character or something, or concerns abuse from another player. My steam name is "Kaian" and my picture is a banana.

Server Rules and Guidelines
  • Golden Rule. No racist or prejudice speech.
  • No harassment, embarassment, or spam in global.***
  • Raid. Do not grief, please.****
  • No cheats.
  • Clean up after yourself. If admins are constantly called to clean up your abandoned structures there's going to be issues.

Guidelines: (Not admin enforced)
  • Profanity is acceptable. To be determined by the community what is considered excessive.
  • Although we enjoy a social global chat, try and use tribe and local chats when appropriate.
  • Please refrain from killing new players or cause people to quit the server. KOS is acceptable, just try to be mindful, server health/activity is important. Good rule of thumb is: if the person is 40 levels below you, chill.
  • Be reasonable with imprisonment. We'll just release them if it's excessive.
  • Do not vandalize neutral sanctuaries(trade posts, event locations), or violate the neutrality of it. We'll come beat you up. Neutral zones approved only by Severity. Community is welcome to build them, but we will not enforce it unless approved.
  • If anyone in SG tribe is breaking rules or guidelines, call them out for it or inform player admin Meril. Even if for some ungodly reason Meril is the one breaking them. Open to criticism.

***Ark is a frustrating game, and you aren't going to like everyone. We get it. People get mad, they vent, they argue, they capslock. We want to have a level of tolerance and forgiveness to an extent. All we ask is people try to be as mature, civil, and respectful as possible. We aren't trained psychologists ready to disarm volatile situations, nor do we want to. We are players that want to log on to enjoy the game, not to handle drama. We're inclined to let fires burn themselves out, but we will intervene if it becomes excessive/persistent to the point that it takes away from other players' enjoyment of the server. Ideally we want to raise a friendly, mature community capable of resolving its own issues; friendly not to be confused with carebear, to reiterate. Respect global chat. If you're going to antagonize or provoke someone, please avoid doing it in global.

****There are many perspectives on what griefing is, but generally speaking, griefing is unprovoked actions that borderline harassment of players for no other reason than to upset people or make the game unplayable for them and finds enjoyment in vile behavior. Emphasis on unprovoked. If someone has wronged you in some way, by all means unleash the demon on them. When PvP is enabled basically anything goes and RAIDING IS ACCEPTABLE ALWAYS. Players must accept that ARK is an unforgiving game. When it turns into unprovoked harassing behavior which essentially makes the game unplayable for someone is what we consider griefing. Penalties vary depending on severity and evidence provided, from verbal warning, base destruction(no cheats), or admin action.
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