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After some pretty grueling weeks of attendance issues (due to players that are otherwise incapable of managing themselves and/or their schedules in a good way) we've finally got it! Very proud of the group's efforts, can't be happier with how quickly the kill came together tonight :) Iskar is almost down as well, expecting that kill at some point early next week! Welcome to all of our new trials! Go SG!

25 Aug 2015 - SG-WoW: 5/13 Mythic!

Our guys were able to get Mythic Kilrogg down after one night of progression. :) Great job to the SG WoW Team! We're back to that 2 boss a week cadence (I hope, and ooh God that can only mean that someone is going to try to screw with us in the near future.

Videos for Korm, HFHC, and Kilrogg coming at some point this week.

20 Aug 2015 - SG-WoW: 4/13 Mythic!

All in all, Hellfire High Council was a pretty fun encounter! We expected to see this one down earlier last week, but we'll take this one. (Given that Blizzard changed things up a bit from the release version of the encounter, and guilds that previous had it on farm were struggling).

Really happy with the WoW team, it's good to see the dedication and loyalty :) Congrats guys!

07 Aug 2015 - SG-WoW: 3/13 Mythic!

Hey guys!

So I've was without a real computer for a few days last week due to the Windows 10 Upgrade so I wasn't able to get a good content release out for you guys. (No Photoshop, Vegas, etc.). I'm back now and will have some new content brewing pretty soon.

To give an update, our World of Warcraft group is now 3/13 mythic! We took our Mythic Kormrok kill this past week. I do have a screenshot and footage from the attempt, and will be releasing it at some point tomorrow I hope (still have a few computers I'm trying to bring back from the dead).

We're very proud of the group and look forward to more kills in the coming weeks!

Also, here's our Iron Reaver SS, courtesy of Tamayulith.
It was a pretty damn good Wednesday! We saw Heroic Archimonde down in ~5 attempts, and then the blasted through Hellfire Assault. Progression on Mythic Reaver tonight hinted at a possible kill tomorrow! Very proud of the team for their accomplishments, lets keep the train going!

Heroic: Archimonde Kill Video
Severity Gaming: WoW - Heroic Archimonde Small | Large

Mythic: Hellfire Assault

Heroic Hellfire Citadel Kill Shots
*finally :p

Hellfire Assault

Iron Reaver


Hellfire high Council

Kilrogg Deadeye


Shadow-Lord Iskar

Socrethar the Eternal

Fel Lord Zakuun


Tyrant Velhari


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