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Hello Everyone

Brief Note. More to come.

I just wanted to post this to notify you that we will be moving on from Ventrilo and picking up GameVox. I have spoken with the company directly and they have offered to sponsor us with a 200 slot server.

I apologize for the short notice, but our bill of $85 per month is due this evening, and with a free server of superior quality and features, I cant justify putting down that much loot.

When you join, please make an account with your name as it was on ventrilo. (AKA the name of your toon in game).

The link to join our server is: http://www.severitygaming.com/voip
The password is the same that it was for vent.

See you on! again more details to come.

01 Aug 2014 - SG-LoL: Coming Soon...

We're finally making progress again. Things have been pretty rough since April, and we're happy to say that we're back to a stable roster (and almost core). Despite the 300+ attempts we've had as a guild across the past 4 months, this group was able to accomplish a clean Siegecrafter kill in ~35.

Many thanks to all of the players that participated in the kill, and to those that sat on the sidelines rooting us on :)
World 1st: 16m NiM Dread Council

On the night of June 19th, 2014, the SG:SWTOR team killed The Dread Council in 16m NiM mode Dread Palace to reclaim our World First position after a close, but runner up showing in 16m NiM Dread Fortress. The Dread Council was by far the hardest fight and it took some extra dedication on everyone's part, plus a little help from our friends. Complete team effort that involved more than just the 16 that were in there for the kill. Of the three videos, the third is the first kill and it starts a couple minutes in. The other two are complete videos of our second kill. Enjoy!

Severity Gaming - Ariss - Healer view Small | Large

Severity Gaming - Yolo - Ranged dps view Small | Large

Severity Gaming - World First - Skyren - Range dps view Small | Large
Hey Guys...

Guess what I did this Sunday... That's right, programmed my face off. Arguably, I wasted a ton of time to make a 962x662 box that has some content in it. But hey it works, and works well.

I give you the Warlords of Draenor Alpha/Beta/PTR landing page! (available at www.severitygaming.com/wod)

It has been designed to introduce members of our off-retail guilds to the community and help them get involved through things like: "The Forums", "Ventrilo", "Streaming", and "Content Writing". The things that you guys magically don't do for the retail versions of the game.

My hope is to expand the group, and help us prepare for the next xpac.

Give me your comments, thoughts, questions, and concerns.
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