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So far so good with the new SG time finally getting some time to perform together. The new schedule should do us quite well. Stay tuned! (We're really looking forward to get some more done in heroic!)

Spent a good bit of the time tonight getting things a bit more organized/situated, but by half time it was clear that we'd at least clean out normal. We then spent the rest of the evening working with the group on what would have been a Heroic Nythendra, but we want to see the team get it without a coxswain guiding them along. We'll see ya Thursday! :)
Hey guys - Leaving for Burning Man (now). The video is in the process of being processed by YouTube. I really hope they don't silence the audio on it. (Worst case I update the tracks when I get back) Thank you everyone so much for making Warlords a great expansion for this group. I'll see you all in Legion when I get back.

Here ya go!

YouTube Small | Large
Finally right?!

Severity Gaming: WoW - Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye Small | Large
Thank you very much Severity Gaming: WoW! We're finally done with the expansion. (After the atrocity that happened at the end of Mists I'm ecstatic that we were able to pull this off!) What a long journey it's been, the uphill struggle was real, but as we always do - we prevailed!

I can't thank this team enough for the experience. This is just a prelim-thread, I'm going to make a larger post later. Here's the screenshot - Will have the "missing" upper-kill-videos as well as Archimonde posted together. (Lots of video editing ahead, wish me luck!)


Severity Gaming: WoW - Mythic Hellfire High Council Small | Large

Hey guys!

Really short note: Cel and I went to PAX East 2 weeks back and we loaded up on SWAG Bags - Meaning we have tons of SWAG to giveaway to you guys.

In those bags were closed beta keys for the following titles.

Riders of Icarus
Icarus Online Aerial MMORPG Promotion Teaser Trailer Small | Large

Dirty Bomb
Dirty Bomb - E3 2015 full trailer Small | Large

Ghost In The Shell: First Assault
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Gameplay Trailer Small | Large

We also have some left over keys for:

Dreadnought - Official Gamescom 2015 Trailer Small | Large

And a ton of Pokemon: Online Trading Card Game "Bonus Item" Cards.
Major Updates for the Pokémon TCG Online! Small | Large

I'll be putting some give-away threads together this weekend (once I get out of work). Looking forward to giving out some free SWAG! Stay tuned and check back often!

Before anyone asks - "No bro, I'm not just giving you the whole stack. We're gonna spread the love!"

*You need to be a member of the Severity Gaming site to be eligible. Register Here: http://www.severitygaming.com/register
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