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25 Mar 2015 - SG-WoW: 2/10 Mythic

This week has been an absolute blast so far! We were able to CRUSH through Heroic BRF, 1 shotting everything, and effectively getting a 2 hr clear under our belts. This was followed by "great success" today with our guild first Mythic: Hans'gar and Franzok kill! With only two down at the end of the attempt, I feel like we picked up the encounter quite well!

Shoutout to those helping us from the sidelines: Aaylah, Artiemus, and Buzzbee!

19 Mar 2015 - SG-WoW: 1/10 Mythic

We've broken into MYTHIC! :D I want to give a huge shoutout to all of the guildies involved in the progression and kill. Let's shoot for that 2/10 tonight!

Special thanks to those rooting us on from the sidelines: Blindndrunk, Wardreams, and Rawchi.

11 Mar 2015 - SG-WoW: 10/10 Heroic!

The SG WoW 20 Man Raid team managed to finish off the Heroic Difficulty of Blackrock Foundry tonight (it's about time! :p) I'm very happy with how this group has stuck together and continued to progress over the past few weeks/months (especially since we've had some pretty crappy things happen). It's been rough, but you guys are great! Truly a group of people that make the game enjoyable!

09 Mar 2015 - PAX EAST 2015 - Day 3

And so it comes to a closure :(
For a first time PAX experience, I'd say 10/10! Got enough swag to hold me over, met some great people, made connections, and signed up for everything on the planet. I'll be making a SWAG giveaway post shortly (I just need to inventory everything. Also, the Vel'Koz skins will probably be up first since they expire in 3 days)

Cel and I got an "earlier" start to the day, but sadly I spent way too much time watermarking the images for the "Day 2" post so it didn't really matter. We eventually got everything packed back into the car and headed for the convention center. No traffic at all, and for some reason I had the bright idea to try to get the same garage we had the first day. Funny thing about Boston... Sunday is empty, no one on the streets, everything closed, parking 1.25 miles away was f'in pointless :(. (Got my steps in though, and clocked over 20 miles of walking in 3 days lmfao!)

Convention was more of the same for Day 3; People everywhere (but I gotta say it was a lot less pungent), almost everyone had run out of their good giveaway SWAG, some of the booths switched up to different vendors, etc. My goal for the day was to network as much as I can with the people that would recognize me. So I did, and scored some pretty good business contacts. We'll hopefully be seeing the benefit from those soon. Cel and I played "on the line, off the line, on the line" for some more PAX swag bags. Nailed some "Life is Feudal" keys, and various other discount codes. To be honest, I regret not standing online to try more of the larger game titles. I played a lot of the indie games instead since they were quick, and the reps were dying to tell you all about their game. :) Was a lot of fun.

Not a lot of pictures, sorry for the letdown. We cruised around for 2 hours or so, and then went to the Harpoon Brewery down the road. Pretzels = Godly. The 3 hr trip back to NY was quick.

I'm seriously considering sponsor a set of tickets for a community member next year!

08 Mar 2015 - PAX EAST 2015 - Day 2

(If you're using Tapatalk, you won't be able to see the embedded images. Please visit the actual thread in a mobile browser.)

Well, we're still alive! ^_^

As promised here is a dump of the shots I was able to take from PAX EAST 2015 Day 2. Lots of cosplay, some shots of the crowd, and random booths.

Started the day at the hotel "restaurant" with a solid breakfast buffet. 20$ Cab ride from the hotel to the convention center where we eventually met up with Aliwicious, Patches, and Motgnarom (+ Fiancé). My soul purpose this day was to cruise around and find some of the best cosplayers I could. (I hope I didn't dissapoint. Yes, I'll be doing it day 3 as well) Other purpose, collect swag. I walked out with a pretty big haul (shots of the stuff tonight!). Cel got the play Gigantic, great reviews. I chatted with a lot of the hardware vendors, and indie game devs. SG will hopefully be bringing a lot of NEW stuff to our fold (I just need help doing it).

Out to lunch at a place called "The Whiskey Priest", where they let down in beer selection, they make up in whiskey selection (like holy SH*T). Dinner at a place called "Fire + Ice", great concept, good drinks, Harvard Square.

Day 2
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