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I'll have more words for this tomorrow... But thank you to all of the players that left across the past few months, we couldn't have done this with you ;)

Severity Gaming Kills 16m NiM Dread Council for World 1st

On the night of June 19th, 2014, the SG:SWTOR team killed The Dread Council in 16m NiM mode Dread Palace to reclaim our World First position after a close, but runner up showing in 16m NiM Dread Fortress. The Dread Council was by far the hardest fight and it took some extra dedication on everyone's part, plus a little help from our friends. Complete team effort that involved more than just the 16 that were in there for the kill. Of the three videos, the third is the first kill and it starts a couple minutes in. The other two are complete videos of our second kill. Enjoy!

Severity Gaming - Ariss - Healer view Small | Large

Severity Gaming - Yolo - Ranged dps view Small | Large

Severity Gaming - World First - Skyren - Range dps view Small | Large
Hey Guys...

Guess what I did this Sunday... That's right, programmed my face off. Arguably, I wasted a ton of time to make a 962x662 box that has some content in it. But hey it works, and works well.

I give you the Warlords of Draenor Alpha/Beta/PTR landing page! (available at www.severitygaming.com/wod)

It has been designed to introduce members of our off-retail guilds to the community and help them get involved through things like: "The Forums", "Ventrilo", "Streaming", and "Content Writing". The things that you guys magically don't do for the retail versions of the game.

My hope is to expand the group, and help us prepare for the next xpac.

Give me your comments, thoughts, questions, and concerns.
Blizzard seems to be doing a great job so far with the user experience in this expansion. The maps are incredible. Let me know if you'd like screenshots from a particular area!

When you first get into Stormwind, you need to "risk your life to save Azeroth", Speak to Khadgar and he'll bring you to the front lines!

Once you get to the Dark Portal you'll notice that Blizzard still has some work to do.

On the other side of the Dark Portal (It doesn't work when you walk through it) You'll find one of the first visually appealing landscapes.

Once you're done with your intro to the Dark Portal area, you'll get teleported to Shadowmoon Valley to start the real quests. If you leave SMV, Blizzard has made it more than obvious on how to get back... ("OMG HOW DO I GET BACK TO SMV" has been the most frequent question so far in general chat... Now you know.)

Shadowmoon Valley is TO DIE FOR. The depth is incredible.

Ooh and SMV is where your garrison is :D The ultimate resource for introverted players; Not only can you now farm by yourself without any others interacting with you, you can now have your own small town to yourself.

Greetings my fellow gamers,

As many of you may know, one of those special times that occur throughout the year where you have to hide your wallet/credit cards in a bolted safe has come around yet again, its Steam Sale time. I recently was browsing through the list of games that are on special sales and what not, and looking at my steam balance, I saw that I had enough money to buy World of Goo, and so I bought it and I would like to give it away.

If you would like to have a free copy of World of Goo, you must be a member of one of the branches of Severity Gaming and post in this thread, and on Saturday, June 28th, a winner will be selected via random selector. If you are selected, you will be contacted via website PM and you will have 24 hours to respond to the PM and claim your prize before another winner is selected.

*The raffle has been extended until Wednesday*
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