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It's been a while since I last presented an update on our progression in Blackrock Foundry, which can only imply that we're struggling. To be honest... we are :). However, we're not struggling due to encounters being difficult, we're struggling due to our players not understanding the reality of the situations they've been placed in.

To dial back, and give everyone a quick recap of our recent events.
  • 4/9: SG-WoW downs 5/10 mythic, morale is high! Two bosses in the same night! We're having a great time. The following week has us working on Mythic Kromog.
  • 4/19-4/20: Totemterrist ninja-realm-transfers because he can't take the stress and pressure of being an officer. This move was quite surprising to me, he was someone that I personally invested a ton of time and effort into coaching; He knew he could ask to step down at any time. Unfortunately, he knew what he was about to do was hypocritical, and the lack of transparency and abruptness of his departure set off a small chain reaction that resulted in Artiemus, Fatfranky, and Sd leaving.
  • 4/21-4/23: Del and Max assess the situation, lay out recruitment needs, and set up next steps for the guild. Chance of recovery is quite good! Heroic clears happen as a recruitment effort, and we end up casually pushing into mythic bosses by the end of the week.
  • 4/14-4/27: We've picked up a Discipline Priest, Mistweaver Monk, and Holy Paladin. The only deficit from the prior departures is 1 melee DPS.
  • 4/28-4/30: Our disc priest has a concussion, and the mistweaver is having family issues. Both are out for the week. However, for some reason we still dip into Mythic on Tuesday. (We recognize that this was a HUGE leadership mistake.)

    Morale was super low after that Tuesday due to multiple wipes on Oregorger. Re: having sub-optimal DPS subbing in while some of our Core-DPS were on alts healing the group. Merrytime get's poached by Dauntless' "Fifong", telling him "we'll give you a core spot without trial". (What a cheap date)

    Dauntless' GM "Nettled", and his other officers begin aggressive attempts to poach from us. They start using false assertions that "your guild is done", and "this is SG's last week raiding, join us".
  • 4/30 -> Today: Dauntless still tries to aggressively poach from us, with little to no success. (1. They have perspective on what's going on here? and 2. as Celsh said this Thursday... "For a group that just got 6/10 Mythic, they aren't recruiting you for their core, they're only doing this to be malicious.")
    Know that Severity Gaming will never drop it's WoW Division, (regardless of how much it appears to toll on me personally). We're recruiting to get back on the pony for Mythic, and the cool part is... We don't need that much to do it.

The TLDR; "We lost some players, picked up some new ones, and as long as no one else gets fooled by Dauntless' below-the-belt tactics, we're in great shape!"

It's crazy how a two week period of pettiness can have such a perceived "dramatic impact" on people that have been playing together for months if not years. It's something I've see happen many times in WoW, perception of time is almost completely lost. I thank those that are still here because they didn't fall into that trap.

These past weeks have been an eye opener for me, and more importantly, they've been rejuvenating. We've lost players that quite possibly shouldn't have been here in the first place, and have learned more about what to look for so we can stop them at the door. And most importantly, I got to catch a glimpse of how dedicated my players really are. That no matter how bleak things seemingly get, they are here to play with SG, for SG, because SG is their family. You guys make SG what it is, and our 6 year track record indicates that no matter how shitty things get, we'll always push through. Thank you for being the best out there!\

Update: Add Pallybrick to the list of people that randomly bounced too. I love his petty comment towards me at the end "Have fun parsing at 10%".

09 Apr 2015 - SG-WoW: 5/10 Mythic

It was almost a complete WASH of a week.

We started Tuesday with crap attendance due to a lot of IRL issues. Was able to do our 10/10 heroic clear in just under 2 hrs, and then dove into a little bit of Mythic Highmaul. That wasn't a crowd favorite so we bailed 30 minutes early.

Wednesday rolled around and I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to clear out our 3/10 Mythic "farm". RE: Similar attendance issues for the same reasons as the prior night.

Thursday absolutely blew me away, initially things were looking "ok", but then the stars aligned... Fatfranky appeared out of nowhere (after totally bailing on his friends to play internet videogames with us) and I was able to snag Magezz away from his family. (read - he made his little cousins/nephews/etc sit and watch him play :)) Below are the results!

Everyone did a fantastic job!

02 Apr 2015 - SG-WoW: 3/10 Mythic

Yet another productive week for the Severity Gaming WoW Crew! We did fairly well picking up Oregorger with 6% attempts very early in the night on Tuesday. He finally went down on Wednesday! We ended this week with a relatively smooth 10/10 Heroic clear and some attempts at downing Hanz/Franz again.

Being down a tank last Thursday allowed us to visit some old friends in Mythic Highmaul. Great job to the team on spanking these two fights. And a bit thanks for having high spirits while we weren't in BRF!

25 Mar 2015 - SG-WoW: 2/10 Mythic

This week has been an absolute blast so far! We were able to CRUSH through Heroic BRF, 1 shotting everything, and effectively getting a 2 hr clear under our belts. This was followed by "great success" today with our guild first Mythic: Hans'gar and Franzok kill! With only two down at the end of the attempt, I feel like we picked up the encounter quite well!

Shoutout to those helping us from the sidelines: Aaylah, Artiemus, and Buzzbee!
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