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Finally right?!

Severity Gaming: WoW - Mythic Kilrogg Deadeye Small | Large
Thank you very much Severity Gaming: WoW! We're finally done with the expansion. (After the atrocity that happened at the end of Mists I'm ecstatic that we were able to pull this off!) What a long journey it's been, the uphill struggle was real, but as we always do - we prevailed!

I can't thank this team enough for the experience. This is just a prelim-thread, I'm going to make a larger post later. Here's the screenshot - Will have the "missing" upper-kill-videos as well as Archimonde posted together. (Lots of video editing ahead, wish me luck!)


Severity Gaming: WoW - Mythic Hellfire High Council Small | Large

Hey guys!

Really short note: Cel and I went to PAX East 2 weeks back and we loaded up on SWAG Bags - Meaning we have tons of SWAG to giveaway to you guys.

In those bags were closed beta keys for the following titles.

Riders of Icarus
Icarus Online Aerial MMORPG Promotion Teaser Trailer Small | Large

Dirty Bomb
Dirty Bomb - E3 2015 full trailer Small | Large

Ghost In The Shell: First Assault
Ghost in the Shell: First Assault – Gameplay Trailer Small | Large

We also have some left over keys for:

Dreadnought - Official Gamescom 2015 Trailer Small | Large

And a ton of Pokemon: Online Trading Card Game "Bonus Item" Cards.
Major Updates for the Pokémon TCG Online! Small | Large

I'll be putting some give-away threads together this weekend (once I get out of work). Looking forward to giving out some free SWAG! Stay tuned and check back often!

Before anyone asks - "No bro, I'm not just giving you the whole stack. We're gonna spread the love!"

*You need to be a member of the Severity Gaming site to be eligible. Register Here: http://www.severitygaming.com/register
The Severity Gaming: WoW team is 23% away from defeating Mythic Archimonde (currently the final boss in the game); and with almost 4 months until the next WoW expansion (Legion), I've finally gotten the opportunity to take a step back and look at things wholistically. It's not pretty, I find myself asking "What happened?", "What are we doing?", and "Where are we going?" an awful lot lately. It's quite obvious that Severity Gaming (as an organization) is not being managed anywhere close to how it was between 2010 and 2013. The reality is that we grew from nothing into something great, and due to a lack of capacity, care, and upkeep we plateaued and have been slowly and steadily drifting back into nothing (WoW is our only truly activision at the moment).

There are a ton of reasons as to "why", and I could probably play the "blame game" for days, but when everything boils down - I'm the one responsible. Hell... I organized the group, enabled people to do what they did, developed our tools and processes, and financially backed the ventures that made sense. But I also failed... I didn't adequately staff the group for the long run, I missed opportunities to expand, and I was too late when the staff we did have hit the end of their runways. But my biggest failure is that instead of finding adequate replacements, I took on their responsibilities without visualizing my own limitations. I graduated college, started my career, and just don't have enough time to pull off the balancing act anymore. It's quite clear, and has been for a while, one person cannot run a successful multi-title gaming organization on their own.

So what can we do about it? I definitely don't want to see the "Severity Gaming" name become nothing more than a distant memory; we've collectively invested far too much time and effort over the years for it to come to that. SG needs to be cleaned up, reorganized, restaffed, and managed in a way that doesn't create key-man-risk. To do this I'll need you, and I'll also need people we've yet to meet.

If you’d like to get involved and help shape the future of Severity Gaming, please let me know by filling out the General Staff Application: HERE
After filling it out I'll contact you to schedule some time to sit down and chat about opportunities. Examples of positions we’ve offered in the past include: Sponsorship and Promotions Manager, Event and Tournament Manager, Content Writer, Content Director, Advertising and Recruitment, Game Division Leader, Social Media Manager, Development Staff.

Also, we’re constantly looking for new ideas, contacts, expansion opportunities, and suggestions on how to improve; if you have anything please let us know: HERE

To help drive this effort - An "SG Town Hall" will be held on our GameVox server the first Monday of every month at 10:00pm EST. With the first being 5/2/2016. All are welcome. I really hope to see you there.
See you there! Delacour, Celerrimus, Belaide, Motgnarom, and Teddybru will all be there!

I'll have posts with pictures at the end of each day :D

We'll be giving away excess swag when we get back too :D

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