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All in all, I think we were working on Mannoroth for maybe 16-20 hours total. We probably could have had him 2 weeks earlier, but we experienced a few rough weeks shortly after the holidays (attendance/burnout/etc.) and never had enough time left in the week. Also for what it's worth Xhul'Horac is a dick. Anyway, I'd say that the fight was pretty easy and definitely a fun one; learn mechanics, learn how to deal with a few intense combinations at the same time, and don't get hit by avoidable shit, done. We three tanked it, which was a good thing because (during the kill attempt) one of our tanks got caught out of place during Shadowforce and reaped the rewards of gravity... Ooh then within maybe 45 seconds after that another one of our tanks DCed and had to relaunch client; he made it back in and was resurrected, but damn, we didn't expect that attempt to be the kill. Good job guys and good luck on Archimonde!

(Kill video is coming, I just need to get some cuts from the other members. I got thrown off the ledge on the 2nd to last Shadowforce, so it's a lot me watching a health bar at the end. And yes, I also owe the group videos for Xhul'Horac, and Tyrant Velhari. I haven't forgotten, I've just been swamped with everything imaginable.)

Sooooo we did a thing! :D

But really, the group did great tonight. Less than 3 hrs of progression on Velhari and we took her down. Tomorrow will be our Lower HFC Clear and maybe some work on Mythic Mano if we have time. Next week will be a short week (Christmas), as will be the week after (New Years). Good job guys, it's great to see how far we've come!
After last Thursday's 4% upset, the SG-WoW team came in this week and gave Xhul'horac the business. This brings the group to 10/13 Mythic completion and sets our sights on Tyrant Velhari for the rest of the week. We have some kill footage which should be posted this weekend (along with Fel Lord). Great job guys!

15 Dec 2015 - Happy holidays!

Yeah it's a lame post to start, but I had to push that turkey down! :D

25 Nov 2015 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Another year, another Thanksgiving (america!).
Thanks everyone for being a part of the group, hope you enjoy the long weekend!
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