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I am very happy to announce that after much hibernation from our League of Legends Division that we are beginning to make progress with our new team.  We took first place in the LAS tournament last night, sadly no image of the bracket due to the amateur nature of the tournament and unprofessional-ism of the man running it but here are a couple screen shots of our results after our first two matches!.

To check the videos of the tournament hit this spoiler
I have gone through and put times before each link that tells when the streamed matches begin and end.

First video: Picks/bans starts at 7:34 match ends at 53:26  Next match picks/bans at 1:50:21 cont. next linkhttp://www.twitch.tv/moonfang1220/b/579189657
Second vid: match ends at 7:48http://www.twitch.tv/moonfang1220/b/579231668
Third Video: http://www.twitch.tv/moonfang1220/b/579239739
fourth video: http://www.twitch.tv/moonfang1220/b/579249172
fifth Video: Picks/bans 4:32 match ends at 49:03 http://www.twitch.tv/moonfang1220/b/579258924
Well, that was fun! Severity Gaming's Elder Scrolls Online branch took the 15th rank on the North American leaderboard for the Trial Hel Ra Citadel last night, with a commanding time of 16 minutes, 20 seconds, and 625 milliseconds!

07 Oct 2014 - SG ESO - BACK ON TRACK!

Wow... its been a long time, but we here at SG ESO felt we needed to come back and knock that WoW post off the top of the front page. We are back, and we are ready to roll, with progression in full swing in the newest Trial, Sanctum Ophidia. More to come soon.

How neat is that?

I'm pleased to say that we've finally gotten 25m Heroic Paragons down! A HUGE thank you to everyone that participated in progression on this encounter. This is the second hardest fight in the game at this point and we accomplished it in record time (for us ;), especially after I had to rebuild the guild... again...) Time for Garrosh!

In for the kill:
Tanks: Ðekay, Valô
DPS:Renegadect, Ðreàm, Bigbranch, Cerunrune, Joemoma, Bruín, Siyus, Delacour, Magezz, Meril, Rawchi, Evilmerdoc, Kayisa, Göliath, Capnsafety, Robîn, Grìdlock, Kedus
Healers: Celsh, Aumbrël, Inouekun, Leenbeef, Thunderguard

Rootin' from the sidelines:
Amynthrise, Blackness, Voodoowitch, Holydream

Delacour (Frost Mage) PoV:
Severity Gaming: WoW - 25m Heroic Paragons of the Klaxxi Small | Large

Rawchi (WW Monk) PoV:
Hello Everyone

Brief Note. More to come.

I just wanted to post this to notify you that we will be moving on from Ventrilo and picking up GameVox. I have spoken with the company directly and they have offered to sponsor us with a 200 slot server.

I apologize for the short notice, but our bill of $85 per month is due this evening, and with a free server of superior quality and features, I cant justify putting down that much loot.

When you join, please make an account with your name as it was on ventrilo. (AKA the name of your toon in game).

The link to join our server is: http://www.severitygaming.com/voip
The password is the same that it was for vent.

See you on! again more details to come.
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