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SG-WoW: 25m Raid, SG: ESO - Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunt


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Severity Gaming Kills 16m NiM Dread Master Brontes US 1st, World 2nd

Last night Severity Gaming finished off the Nightmare Dread Fortress by sacrificing the lives of all 16 of its raiders to kill Dread Master Brontes. The efforts of a select few beyond those 16, were also invaluable. They were unfortunately called away for other responsibilities thus being unable to give their lives to the cause as well. The first night saw 4 bosses lose their lives to the force that is Severity Gaming with only Brontes being able to hold out for a few days. A US 1st and World 2nd kill should ensure the galaxy knows that SG:SWTOR's raid team remains at the top of its game. While the race for World 1st was ultimately lost, we showed our skill level is still top notch by killing the final boss in almost half the amount of attempts as the World 1st team. Our killed video will be available once their video is released out of respect for them winning the race. At that time we'll provide all our videos for your viewing pleasure. Until then... may the force be with you.
Members of the Elder Scrolls Online branch of Severity Gaming did the Spindleclutch and Fungal Grotto dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online, and both of the videos from those runs are available and ready to be shown to everyone!


Small | Large

Fungal Grotto

Small | Large

If you would like to know the details of each boss within both of these dungeons, as well as Banished Cells, check out our ESO dungeon journal: http://www.severitygaming.com/index.php?topic=12925.0.


As many of you are aware, early access to The Elder Scrolls Online is upon us. With just under 24 hours to go, I want to remind everyone that nothing from the test servers will be carried over. This means all of you will have to rejoin the guild come server start. Once in guild, feel free to go about your usual business.

Our guild will be representing the Daggerfall Covenant in Cyrodiil and a majority of our players will be a part of the Daggerfall Covenant. Currently there is no way for players of other factions to interact with other players outside of private messages and Guild chat. We will certainly welcome other players of other factions if they wish to enjoy this game with our community, but know that the game does not allow you engage in PvE content with characters of another faction.

Joining Severity Gaming
To get invited to the guild, simply send a message to either @Fl1pz, @Celerrimus, or @Pepperelijah and we'll get you invited asap. You may also contact us on ventrilo or skype by joining the ESO Member Skype Room.

Cyrodiil Home Campaign: HOPESFIRE

Hop on vent and join us for a whole day of gaming! We'll be organizing dungeon groups, destroying anchors, capturing keeps, and killing world bosses. Tomorrow we do it all!

Four members of Severity Gaming's The Elder Scrolls Online branch braved the foul terrors within the Vaults of Madness in ESO. The Vaults of Madness is one of the last dungeons in ESO before hitting the Veteran dungeons, which we hope to be starting progression on before early access begins.

Congratulations to @Fl1pz, @SoyezFerme, @Celerrimus, and @Dulfy for fighting hard and defeating the bosses within this enormous dungeon!

Here is the entire video from the Vaults of Madness run.

Small | Large
Gratz to the 25m Raid team... After some brief roster reconfiguration, tank excuses, and soul searching we're back on track. Stay tuned for Seigecrafter progression next week!

Great job everyone, and thank you to those on the sidelines tonight.
-Delacour, Treeminder, Bansath, Chaotic, Shotcallerx, and Scrogg

I give my raiders one responsibility...just one... "Take screenshots that are in line with every other screenshot we've watermarked. Whole group, no stupid abilities, zoomed in close to clearly see names, capture the whole raid group" and what do I get??? A graphic novel of screenshots... most of which I need to stand back from to see... and others that I need a hubble telescope for. *UGH*
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